When we watch a video we are usually there for the subject matter - whether its to learn, be informed,
up-skill or just to have a good laugh but what we don’t realise is that there has been ( in most cases) a
lot of thought and concepting gone into how everything looks down to the how clean the
background is.

These subtle things delve deep into our psyche and create unconscious decisions for us. Our mind fills
in the gaps with language and visual cues. Great marketing and design can embed feelings and
emotions towards colours, scenes and imagery. The same can be said about a good background.

Let's talk about cameras for a second. They are all around us at the supermarket, in security cameras,
in our computers, laptops, and phones. We are constantly recording our lives and workplaces on them
and our cameras see everything. From the coffee table with tissues on it to the top of our neighbours
head as they walk past the window…they capture it all.

But have you ever stopped to think about what the camera is seeing in your background?

If you are regularly doing posts and making videos then you should be considering the locations of
where you are filming, what you are talking about and how you want your customers to see you. A
messy background can be distracting, and annoying, it puts customers off your products and subconsciously delivers a message of disorganisation, forgetfulness and a preconceived idea that
you aren’t connected to your products and the quality is not great. 

Making some changes and creating a clean, uncluttered background helps to provide a clear focal
point for the viewer to see you and your products. It shows that you love what you do and take pride in
the products, that the quality is exceptional and that you are great at what you do.

I know you are asking how can a clean and tidy background create all that. It is simple, we buy with
our eyes. Sure our products or services are amazing and yes people will still buy them but there
is something to be said about clean lines, pops of colour and an inviting scene to showcase your

So remember when filming your social media videos… the camera see’s everything! 

               If you would like to talk more about different backgrounds to use or just ask some question
 send us an email hello@yestodaymedia.com.au


Before you do any filming at home or in the office, have a tidy-up. 
Tidy shelves, and desks, wipe down benches, put out the rubbish, 
put those boxes away that you have been meaning to move for ages. 
Add some brand colours, use a pull-up banner or even products
could be your backdrop. Be very deliberate in your choices.