Talking or presenting on camera is something a lot of people don't like to do and I
often discuss with them about the issues and the value of it. Yes, there are pros and cons
…..the cons are mainly your discomfort but there are so many great benefits from being seen
in your videos or social media content. 

First of all, the more 
confident and at ease with the camera you are the better you will
engage your audience. 
Presenting on camera can be daunting…however there are few
that you can learn to overcome the awkwardness you feel.

Practice makes perfect… the more you do it the better you will get at it
…make sense right?

Record yourself in front of either a device or laptop, do it over and over again and use the
back camera versus the front camera. If using a device and looking directly at the lens…this
will help you focus and not be distracted.

Know what you want to say…write a script before you officially record yourself whether that
is dot points or fully scripted. The scripting is critical, remember to break it down into who,
what, when, where and how and you guessed it…practice, practice, practice.

When you are writing a script add a “call to action” to drive customers where you want
them to go or what action to take. e.g call now or visit our website.

Be seen…by talking or presenting on camera you are offering your client base the chance
to interact with you personally. You add trustworthiness and loyalty that you don’t get
from a standard generic social media post. They buy you and the service you provide.

Your post doesn’t need to be long or overly salesy they can just be that you are excited
about a new product you're about to launch or some tips or tricks.
All you need is a visual presence.

The value of video:

  • Engages your audience

  • Peaks their interest in products and services

  • Gives insight into who you are as a business

  • Align their values to yours

  • Generates income

So jump on your devices and start recording video content.. it all up to you!
or shoot us an email and we can help.