Video Examples

Below are some great example of different styles of videos we can make for you.

If you are unsure
about what you want to make or like some of the examples below give
us a call to start the conversation. We will discuss with you budgets, what you would like to achieve
and what happens next plus answers any questions you have.

We are looking forward to being on this journey with you.


This video is a great way to incorporate your
team and tell your stpry through nature real

Each team member was interviewed and asked 
specially crafted question taliored to the clients
key messages.

Budget: $2,500 - 3,500
*Cost based on 3min video


Would you like to do a different style of interview video
with your team. This 2 person interview is a conversational 
way to tell your story. There is an interviewer and an interviewee.

One person ask's the questions and the other responds.
It's a great way to keep the conversation following and be
more casual and comfortable.

Budget: $750 - $1400
*Cost based on 1.30min video


This type of video works well if you are a sole trader
or as small business who would like to do a video 
about their business but only have a small budget.

This is a 
scripted direct to camera piece that can
be learnt off by 
heart or use a teleprompter.

Budget: $360 - $750
*Cost based on 30 - 45sec video


An interview video can really enhance and engage
your clients with your products or services. Maybe
you could do a testimonial with your client or one  
of your team can talk about your business or it's
a good way to introduce  the new CEO.

Interview videos are a simple and easy to get
your message across.

Budget: $1600 - $2000
*Cost based on 1min video


Geelong Women's Business Club asked us to come along
to their event and film a highlights video for their website
for social media purposes.

Yes Today Media captured before the event networking,
suppliers and their table displays, highlights throughout 
the night such multiple speakers and the panel of guests. 

Budget: $1800 - $2500
*Cost based on 1.30min video